About Us

Plastitel Group is a privately held company composed of OEM contract manufacturers which solidified their presence in the Heavy and Low gauge thermoforming Industry throughout North America. With our facilities in USA and Canada every plant has developed and specialized in the core processes of thermoforming in various methods including:

Single Sheet Forming, Twin Sheet Forming, and Pressure Forming.

With a combined 150 years of experience, we are confident our Research & Development crew will be an extension of your own engineering and product development team. Since the early 60s we have completed thousands of custom molds for OEM’s refining our knowledge in industries such as:

Medical field, Public Transportation, Utility Vehicles, Water Treatment,
and both Recreational and Industrial domains.

Our clients have demanded nothing less than furthering our processes making Plastitel Group an ongoing success. Tight tolerances, complex assemblies, and contingency plans are requirements which most International OEM’s demand. Our group also brings leverage during these challenging times by negotiating the best-engineered raw material, and lead times with our suppliers.

Our objective is to keep growing generically with our clients or by acquisition while always offering the most economical service while respecting the integrity of each part we manufacture. Equipped with over 20 vacuum formers and 30 CNC spaces our objective is to have equipment uniformity in every plant allowing our clients to lower risk with contingency plans to move production if needed.

We welcome your thermoforming projects and enquiries to discuss potential acquisitions and investments.


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Denis Deshaies


Esteemed President shareholder and Board Member with a 20-year tenure in mechanical engineering. Holding a BA from Université Laval and a DEC from Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Denis is renowned for his expertise in data analysis, project management, and customer relations. His meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to excellence shape his leadership, fostering successful team outcomes and steering pivotal projects.

Sabrina Bolduc

General Manager

General Manager and shareholder at Plastitel Group since 2019, possesses a DEC in Management and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Responsible for daily operations, she leads growth strategies and sets performance targets. Her approach combines stimulating energy with experience, guiding functional managers and promoting talent development. As a Board member, her innovative and collaborative leadership is vital to Plastitel’s success and future direction.

Michael Poulio

Director of Sales and Marketing

Director of Sales and Marketing at Plastitel Group, brings 30 years of experience. He manages sales, emphasizing OEM growth and new accounts in the Medical and Mass Transportation sectors. As a shareholder and Board of Directors member, his role is crucial in shaping the company’s strategy and new acquisitions. His vast knowledge and leadership significantly contribute to Plastitel’s success and expansion in diverse industries.

Bouchaib Aboelfath

Director of Client Services

With 20 years at Plastitel, excels as the Director of Client Services & Pricing. A Polytechnique Montréal graduate with a Master’s in Industrial Engineering, he started in logistics, now overseeing costing and client services. Known for data analysis and cost reduction, Bouchaib has been crucial in saving costs on various projects, enhancing Plastitel’s growth and efficiency.

Marie-Jozée Couture

Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator and shareholder at Plastitel, has over two decades of experience in enhancing the supply chain. Her dynamic management skills and adaptability improve logistics processes. Known for her determination and drive, Marie-Jozée ensures smooth operations across the supply network. Her role at Plastitel highlights her commitment to the company’s success and marks her as a key asset to the team.

Stephane Poirier

echnical Director

Plastitel’s Technical Director for over 30 years, leads the technical team, focusing on the development of molding programs. His leadership ensures superior quality in production, essential to Plastitel’s success. An expert in project management, he is crucial in creating innovative products. A member of the board of directors and a shareholder, his expertise is pivotal in raising Plastitel’s industry standards and driving technological progress.